Today is Beatles Day for Remastering and Rock Banding

09-09-09 it is and today is the day fans of The Beatles have been waiting for.  With the release of remasterings of The Beatles catalog and Rock Band’s The Beatles videogame you may have to choose which to spend your hard earned dollars on.

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Melissa Etheridge karaoke songs added to the library this week

If you’re a Melissa Etheridge fan you’ll be happy to learn that 5 karaoke songs in the style of Melissa Etheridge were added to the library at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE this week.

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Celebrate Labor Day with a karaoke song!

Labor Day is a day to reflect on your work situation so why not take the time to sing a good karaoke work song to help you mull over your current position. 

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Top 12 Karaoke Breakup Songs to Mend your Broken Heart

Love is a beautiful thing …  until it goes bad and you breakup.   Nothing will help you get over him or her faster than belting out a great karaoke song about what a scoundrel he/she is.  Here are our top 12 karaoke breakup songs for you to exorcise your anger and mend your broken heart.

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Learning to Sing? Part 2 : Private Singing Lessons

If you’re wanting to learn how to sing and you’d like focused attention for your vocal instruction, taking private lessons with a voice teacher might be the best option for you.   Many singing teachers look for new students in the Fall so now is a good time to look for a teacher.

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Burning Love in the style of Elvis - Karaoke Contest Winners Announced!

We are happy to announce that Danthe has won the Karaoke Contest with his very entertaining video recording of Burning Love in the style of Elvis!

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot! Karaoke Guide Book by Raina Lee

Hit Me With Your Best Shot! by Raina Lee is, as she subtitled it The Ultimate Guide To Karaoke Domination, and will help karaoke singers of all levels become the karaoke singer that everyone wants to be.

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Beyonce’s HALO is now available for Karaoke

Now available for your singing pleasure is Halo by Beyonce Knowles. The song debuted on the Billboard Top 100 and peaked at #4, becoming Beyonce’s 12th Top 10 single on the Hot 100 as a solo artist. This made Beyonce the female artist with the most top tens on the Hot 100 this decade. Halo is Beyonce’s longest running single in the top 40 of Hot 100 with 30 weeks and still charting.

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Learning to Sing? Part 1: Group Lessons and Choirs

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to sing, but didn’t know where to start, now is a good time to look for group singing lessons that will start in September, or choirs that are recruiting for the upcoming season. Read more »

Colbie Caillat releases 2nd album Breakthrough

As a follow up to her 2007 album Coco, with the smash hit Bubbly, Colbie Caillat released her second album, Breakthrough, on August 25th, and will tour the U.S. to promote it starting September 15th. The single Falling For You, released earlier this year, reached #12 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart when it debuted.

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