New Music Tuesday You Raise Me Up karaoke version

Tuesday’s always a great day at The KARAOKE Channel and today is no exception.  Today amongst the many songs added to the catalog is You Raise Me Up in the style of Josh Groban.

Written by Rolf Levland and Brendan Graham, based on an Irish folk tune, Danny Boy, You Raise Me Up has been covered by multiple artists.  Mega producer David Foster produced Josh Groban’s popular 2003 cover of the song.


Josh Groban sings You Raise Me Up on Ellen


Karaoke version of You Raise Me Up in the style of Josh Groban

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Posted by Brenda 9. November 2009 at 2:17 am :

I looooooovvve Josh can’t wait for more songs from him.

Posted by Graham Papps 11. September 2011 at 7:09 pm :

I am a long time watcher and I just considered I’d stop by and say hi for your first time. I really delight in your posts. Thanks

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