10 Superstar Singers and the Crappy Jobs They Used to Have

Making a living doing what you love is one of the most gratifying but often most elusive accomplishments. When you can rest your head at night knowing that you’ve spent your day exhausting your skills and talents pursuing worthwhile goals and dreams, and while doing so you’re able to bring home the delicious bacon, you’ll know you’ve “made it.” One problem with chasing your dreams, however, especially when they involve artistic expression, is that the process generally involves serving chicken wings or packing turnips into paper bags. Read more »

Welcome Members of The SIMS ON STAGE

Since the announcement of the closing of  The SIMS ON STAGE at the end of March, we’ve been happy to welcome SIMS ON STAGE Members to The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE. They’ve easily stepped into the community and have delighted us with their fantastic performances and comments!

If you haven’t joined us yet, signing up for Free Membership will give you access to more than 350 free full length song that you can sing, record and share!  The free songs are refreshed on a monthly basis. Or sign up for the Superstar Membership and take advantage of the special offer of $30.00 off! This means that you can purchase the Superstar Membership, including a Free Karaoke Kit, and gain unlimited access to thousands of hit songs for one year* for only US $69.95! 

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Kris Allen is crowned American Idol 2009

Kris Allen says “Adam deserves this”…  Simon says “what?” … but not in that order …

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The voting begins, will the 2009 American Idol be Adam or Kris?

This is it, the night Adam Lambert, the glam rocker as Ryan Seacrest puts it, the crying baby destined to be a singer as Adam’s family says, competes against Kris Allen, the acoustic rocker, the kid who was paid quarters to by his family to sing, for the American Idol 2009 crown.

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Tonight’s the night, Kris and Adam compete for the 2009 American Idol crown

As we all know by know, Kris Allen will compete against Adam Lambert tonight on the season finale of American Idol 2009.

Adam is definitely the better singer and performer, he’s polished and he’s a master of the stage. Kris can sing, maybe not as consistently well as Adam, but Kris is able to deliver lyrics with more emotion and credible feeling. And so even if this is a singing competition, and Adam should probably win because of his singing abilities, how will America vote? Where will Danny’s voters turn? Have opinions already been made or can the performances tonight make a difference?

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Backstreet Boys Millennium album is 10 years old today!

Billboard reports on Today in Music History, that Millennium, the Backstreet Boys’ third album was released ten years ago today.  Millennium, breaking records for the most shipments in one year, most album sales in one week, was nominated for five Grammys.  The album peaked at # 1 on Billboard’s Top 200 Chart on June 5th, 1999. Four singles from the album reached Top 40 Charts, including the hit I Want it That Way which reached # 1 on Billboard’s Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks Chart.

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Norway’s Alexandre Rybak wins Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Europe’s popular and long-running tv singing show, the Eurovision Song Contest, crowned its 2009 winner last night at its finale. With 25 acts performing from 25 countries, the show was broadcast live to millions in Europe from the packed Olimpisky Indoor Arena in Moscow. The results were determined by a combination of  televoting and an international jury, with first place going to Norway’s Alexandre Rybak with 387 points, second place to Iceland’s Yohanna with 218 points, followed closely in third place by Azerbaijan’s AySel & Arash with 207 points.

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Work That karaoke song in the style of Mary J. Blige

Added this week to the library of karaoke songs at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE is Work That in the style of Mary J. Blige! I’m going to have to practice it a bit before I can record it (at least for public review ;o), but there is nothing I enjoy more than learning a new song, especially when it’s about girl power!

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Welcome to the Karaoke Lounge

We are excited to launch this blog where we will post news, commentary, reviews and links to all things karaoke as well other topics related to singing and music. In addition, we’ll introduce you to the people behind the scenes at The KARAOKE Channel and the processes involved in offering karaoke online, on tv and for download.

We’re looking for community involvement so if you’d like to participate as a guest blogger, or have suggestions for future postings, please let us know. Of course we’re looking forward to your comments and feedback too!

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