Cardioke – a great mix of karaoke and aerobics!

Have you ever worried that a singer was going to have a heart attack because they were so out of breath after a performance? Has it happened to you, that you were so out of breath after a performance you couldn’t speak?  Billy Blanks Jr. has the answer: Cardioke!
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Last minute Father’s Day gift idea – sing him a song!

Looking for a last-minute Father’s Day gift? Why not send him a recording of you singing a karaoke song?

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2009 CMT Awards – a Taylor Swift Love Story

For the third year in a row, Taylor Swift walked away a winner from the CMT Music Awards.  On June 17th, Taylor won the Video of the Year and the Female Video of the Year, for the video of  her hit song Love Story at this year’s award show.

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Crazy Things People Do With Their Voices

So we may not see them in next year’s season of American Idol but they are just as/even more mind-blowing to watch. Here is a look at some of the incredible things people do with their voices and how they do it.

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Etta James’ At Last added to the National Recording Registry

Among the 25 sound recordings added to the Library of Congress National Recording Registry last week was Etta James’ 1961 recording of At Last. Along with various other recordings from comedy routines, like the 1961 recording 2000 Years with Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, to the documentary 1935 recording Sounds of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, recordings are added to the registry “to ensure that the nation’s aural history is not lost or forgotten.”

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American Idol Season 9 Auditions have started!

For those of you dreaming of the coveted golden ticket to Hollywood, auditions started in Boston on June 14th, 2009 for Season 9 of American Idol, and are continuing throughout July with stops in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Orlando and Denver.  If  you think you’re the next American Idol, that you can put on a great performance to get past the first round and you’ve got the stamina to wait for hours in the long line ups, why not sign up to audition?

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12 Comedy Acts Who Split Sides Through Song

Most comedians will admit they’d rather be rock stars. Rock stars can do sexy things like write songs and sing them for their girlfriends. What’s a comedian supposed to do? “Hey sweetie,  I spilled coffee on my crotch this morning and I wrote you this joke…”  Romantic “what’s the deal with airline food” serenades under the window sill?  There is no waving of Zippos/cell phones or crowd surfing at comedy shows.  On the other hand I  know many talented musicians and singers who wish they were funnier on stage. Read more »

Bernard’s Message for Celine Dion

Bernard Lachance doesn’t leave anything to chance.  Taking advantage of the stage energy at The Chicago Theatre last Saturday night, he recorded a video message to Celine Dion, asking that she sing with him.

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Karaoke and the flu

The BBC reported in May that the recent outbreaks of swine flu has caused a boom in karaoke business as kids were sent home from school and rather than staying at home have flocked to karaoke boxes.  Maybe not such a good idea.

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Karaoke Survival Guide: 5 Essential Tips

Singing karaoke for the first time can be scary and you might not think a “How to” guide on singing karaoke is necessary, especially if you’re not much of a karaoke fan.  But even those who don’t actively seek karaoke can often get roped into it, and you’ll be better off making the experience as painless (read: embarrassing train wreck-free) as possible. Here are some basic tips you might not have thought of, to make your karaoke experience much more enjoyable for both you and your audience.

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