American Idol Judges save Big Mike

Michael Lynch and Andrew Garcia found themselves in the bottom two on tonight’s American Idol results show, and it was Michael Lynch who found himself singing This Woman’s Work for the save.  It worked.  The judges saved him.  But that’s it – there’s only one save per season and now it’s gone and two contestants will leave the show next week.
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Easter is a great time to sing, with a little karaoke help!

Happy Easter everyone! However you choose to celebrate this Easter weekend, singing and Easter go together as well as chocolate and Easter – that means really well!  Whether you choose a Gospel song or a modern uplifting ballad, sing with your soul this weekend.  Read more »

Karaoke Idol Spotlight Show – tune in for the results every Monday night

If you’re wondering what’s happening at Karaoke Idol, tune in to the Karaoke Idol Spotlight show on Monday evenings for the results.  The Shows are broadcast on Blog Talk Radio – so you have multiple options to listen to the show – online live, call in live, online archived.

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Fox is looking for the biggest GLEEk – is it you?

In case you haven’t heard, Fox is running a competition to find the biggest GLEEk.  What you need to do is record a video explaining why you think you are the biggest gleek and post it as a reply video on YouTube and your video might be used in a GLEE promo – make sure to follow the instructions listed

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Sing for Spring – Montreal Karaoke Flashmob 10am – Sat. Mar 27 2010

This sounds like fun!  Join hundreds of karaoke singers at the Montreal Pepsi Forum on Saturday, March 27th, 2010 at 10 a.m. to celebrate the arrival of spring with a sing-along.  Suggested dress code: bright colors.  Even though the temperature might not feel like spring today, meeting up with hundreds of karaoke fans will warm your heart. 

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Happy 80th to Stephen Sondheim, American Composer and Lyricist

Today we celebrate Stephen Sondheim’s 80th birthday.  Born on March 22, 1930, Sondheim is responsible for so many of the wonderful musical songs that we love to sing.
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Help us find this amazing karaoke singer!

A few weeks ago, The KARAOKE Channel sponsored an event called Karaoke Opera, where more than 50 karaoke singers took advantage of the opportunity to sing karaoke opera songs at Montreal’s Nuit Blanche (part of the Montreal Highlights Festival).  One of the singers really amazed us with his voice and his overall performance.  Do you know who he is?
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Cranberries, Corrs, Rovers or something more traditional? What Irish song will you sing today?

Put on your green hat and Irish accent and sing along with us as we join the worldwide St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. 

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I want it painted black, Siobhan Mangus delivers

It’s Rolling Stone night on American Idol tonight and with a really entertaining performance, using the stage and lighting, Siobhan Mangus rocked out her version of Paint It Black, complete with black dress and boots.
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Ellen gets Chris O’Donnell to sing karaoke

“What do you have to drink if you want to sing karaoke” Ellen asked Chris.  “Oh I’ll have a little a marguerita or something” Chris replied, nonchalantly.  Ellen turns to her right, pulls a cloth away, picks up a marguerita drink and offers it to Chris.  Next thing you know Chris O’Donnell is singing Take Me Home Country Roads in the style of John Denver on The Ellen Show.

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