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Lady GaGa is on the Telephone with Beyonce and Tyrese

In true GaGa fashion, Lady GaGa’s 9 minute music video for Telephone, featuring Beyoncé,  premiered yesterday with lots of hype and fanfare, it’s an over-the-top, mini-movie with Hollywood film references to Chicago, Kill Bill, Thelma and Louise.  Tyrese and the band Semi Precious Weapons make an appearance in the video in the Diner scene.  Posted on YouTube less than 24 hours ago and  the video has received more than 600,000 views, more than 16,000 ratings, almost 14,000 comments and currently 233 video responses.

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Muppets sing Carol of the Bells

Charming, amusing video of The Muppets “singing” what they title as Ringing of the Bells, the Ukranian carol known as Carol of the Bells, was uploaded to Muppets Studio YouTube channel last week.

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Variety reports on MySpace Music Video

Variety reported today on MySpace’s roll out of the Music Video section today.

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10 Great Animated Music Videos of this Century

The 00s have been the biggest decade(2000-2009!) in history for animated music videos. The hardware and software needed to create these animations has become considerably more affordable making it a go-to for many artists and filmmakers. The flexibility of animation makes it possible for artists to create worlds that better serve the emotional landscapes of the music and evoke a feeling that live-action music videos sometimes can’t. Although the animated music video for Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer, created more than 20 years ago, still holds many MTV records, here are 10 animated music videos from different genres, musically and graphically, from this century, that we think are worth watching.

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