Think you can’t learn to sing? Think again!

Some people are born with songbird-like voices… while others are not so lucky. There are a couple of factors that contribute to what we consider great singing to be – intonation, tempo and technique. While not everyone may be able to point out a singer with bad technique or whose tempo is not consistant, one thing almost anyone will notice is when someone is singing off key!

When someone sings off key, it means that their intonation is off, or in other words, their pitch is not accurate. Most people assume that if they are someone who sings off key, that they can never learn to sing. However, for 96% of the population this is simply not true!

Singing Teacher with Student

Singing Teacher with Student

There is approximently 4% of the population who are medically tone-deaf (a disorder known as Amusia). Individuals with this disorder have a defect in their brain where they are unable to process pitch. This medical disorder is extremely rare and unless you fall into the 4% of the population who have this disorder, you can learn to sing!

While it may seem like an impossible task for people who can’t carry a tune – practice makes perfect! Singers who have problems matching pitch should seek the help of a vocal coach. There many simple exercises that one can practice to help improve their pitch.

If taking classes with a vocal coach is not an option, there is an abundance of online resources to help you to learn to sing! Check out the link below for some great beginner exercises.

Remember, nearly anyone can learn to sing! It just takes practice, dedication and patience.

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