How to change the key of a song at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE

Nothing is more disappointing when singing karaoke, than finding a song you are excited to sing that is in the wrong key for you. If everyone was gifted with a 5 octave vocal range like Mariah Carey,  we would seldom need to worry! Unfortunately, that is not the case for most of us.

Don’t worry though! Here, at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE, we’ve got your covered! With the KEY CHANGE feature, songs that used to be too high or too low for you to sing, can now be just right!

The key of any song at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE can be found on the title card of the song being played as well as on the Player Tools Information Tab under “details” when a song is loaded in the player.

If the song you have selected isn’t in the best key for you to sing, you can simply change the key of the song! In order to play songs in a different song key, click KEY CHANGE on the Player Settings to open the menu where you can increase or decrease the song key by up to 6 semi-tones.  Each increment is a semi-tone, so +1 means that the song will be transposed up one semi-time, while +2 means it will be transposed up by 2 semi-tones.

Now you can get out there and log in to your account at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE, and record all those songs you never thought you could!

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