Nothing says I love you like a karaoke recording! Recording and Sharing Karaoke Performances

If you are far away from loved ones this holiday season, why not record and share the joy of karaoke with your loved ones that are far away? This could be a great last minute Christmas surprise or a great way to record family memories!

Nothing says I love you like a karaoke song!

To record a song at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE, load the song into the player by dragging and dropping it into the Player or by clicking its Play now icon.

Click Microphone Settings on the Player Settings to select the Microphone to record with and to adjust the Microphone recording level. The first time you click Microphone Settings you will be prompted to allow the website to access your microphone and webcam.

When you first start recording songs, it is a good idea to perform a few recording tests for each song, until you get a good feel for your sound setup (your computer, your microphone, your voice).

Once you are happy with the recording level for the song that you want to record, click Record and record the full length song.

Karaoke Player Recording

When you are recording you will see REC flashing in red in the top right hand of the player. You will also see a small meter beside the microphone icon on the player controls. The meter level will change color while you are recording and should stay mostly green, sometimes yellow and rarely peak to red.  If the microphone level meter is always red, your recording will most likely be distorted. If the microphone level meter only shows a few bars of green, your vocal recording will most likely not be loud enough.

After you’ve recorded the complete song, it will be saved. To listen to your recording, click Play.

Click the EDIT RECORDING tab to share it, add a description or to edit the timing.

Manage Recording

If you need to find the recording later on look in MY PROFILE – Overview on the Recordings tab. All of your recordings will be listed by date recorded. You can use the SHOW and SORT drop-downs on the left if you have hundreds of recordings and need to narrow the display.

Sharing your Karaoke Performances!

To share the recording with friends and family external to The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE, drag and drop the recording you want to share into the Player or SONG QUEUE or click its Play now icon. When a shared recording is loaded in the Player, you will see a SHARE tab on the Player tools (you may need to scroll down to see it).  If your recording is not Shared, select Sharable on the EDIT RECORDING tab.

Note that if you delete a recording, or set it to private (not shared) after you’ve shared it, clicking on the link to that recording in the email or on the community website will load a page stating that the recording cannot be found.

Also note, that the songs you’ve recorded are licensed by country and if you share your recordings with friends and family from other countries they may not be able to listen to the recording (if they live in a country where the license for such song is not available).

Email to a friend

On the SHARE tab, enter the email address in the To text box. To enter more than one email address, separate the addresses by semi-colons. If you like, you can add a personal message that will be included in the email. Click SEND. An email will be sent to the email address you entered, from you (the email address associated with your karaoke membership account), including the message that you typed if any and a link to the song or recording you shared.

Post to External Web Community

To post the recording on Facebook, MySpace, or, load the recording you want to share into the Player, scroll down to the SHARE tab, click Post to a community, then click the button for the Community of your choice. You will need to log in to your account for that community to post the recording.


URL and Embed code

You can link to your recording by copying and pasting the URL into an email, a tweet, your Facebook status or anywhere else you can post a link.  Load the recording into the Player, click URL & embed on the SHARE tab, click COPY to copy the URL.

You can also embed the recording into a web page using the Embed code.  Wherever you can paste HTML code into a web page, you can embed your recording.  Load the recording into the Player, click URL & embed on the SHARE tab, click COPY to copy the embed code.

And now that we’re on the topic – wouldn’t this make a GREAT last minute gift idea?


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