Karaoke for Xbox 360 Fans – Dress Up Your Avatar with Raptr Rewards!

Special news for Karaoke for Xbox 360 Fans – Raptr is helping you dress up your avatar in style and all you’ve got to do is sing!

Raptr Rewards for Singing Karaoke

Grab your mic and get singing.  With Karaoke for Xbox 360, your avatar will take the stage and sing, with a full complement of stage props and a backing band.

And Raptr is helping you do this in style, with 13 Xbox 360 avatar items for Karaoke as well as a chance to win a 1600 Microsoft Points Card each time you claim a reward.

Come on, get fancy:

Each time you claim one of your musically inspired rewards, Raptr will enter you to win one of 30 Microsoft Points Cards (valued at 1600 MSPs).  Winners will be drawn August 20;  visit this URL http://blog.raptr.com/general-raptr-event-rules/ for the official sweepstakes rules.

Grab your friends, grab a mic, claim your rewards and sing your heart out today.

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