Super Bowl Sunday: Add to the fun with your own Halftime Show

Plan your own entertainment for this Sunday’s Super Bowl with a Halftime Karaoke Show in your living room!

Super Bowl XLVII February 3, 2013

The game starts at 6PM ET and when halftime maybe you’ll want to get up and move around a bit. Why not add karaoke to the fun and put on your own halftime show?

Sing along in the style of Beyoncé to these great songs:

Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
Naughty Girl
Me, Myself and I
Ring The Alarm
Work It Out
Sweet Dreams
The Closer I Get To You (Duet with Luther Vandross)
Telephone (Lady Gaga, feat. Beyoncé)


To inspire your football field dance moves look no further than this glorious moment from Glee:


Enjoy Super Bowl XLVII!

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