Essential Party Tips for Holiday Karaoke Fun!

It’s the time of the season for gathering together with friends and family and there is no better entertainment to be had than an evening filled with karaoke! Here are a few tips to make your holiday karaoke party the best ever!

How to throw the Best Karaoke Party Ever!

Karaoke for Xbox 360

Before the Party:

  • Pick a date, and send invitations mentioning which karaoke service you’re using, whether it’s The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE, or Karaoke for Xbox 360 (your friends can browse the songs lists at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE, or if you’re using Xbox, if your friends have an Xbox 360  they can browse the song lists in advance too);
  • Test your setup and the placement of your TV, microphone and speakers;
  • Buy a few fun prizes and make up a list of categories for performance awards (Best Singer, Most Entertaining, Best Dance Move or Kinect Pose, and whatever else you can come up with, the more creative the better);
  • Stock the fridge and cupboards full of drinks and snacks (don’t forget the water – always a good thing for singers);
  • Browse the songs and prepare a list of song suggestions/artist names that your friends might like, add these to your Favorites;
  • Dig out hats, sunglasses, wigs, and other costumes or props that will help your guests take their performances to the next level (or ask your friends to bring their own when you send out the invitation).

The day of the party:

  • Tidy up and arrange the furniture, allowing for a “stage” area near the TV (karaoke parties tend to get wild – move anything fragile into another room);
  • Set out the snacks and some napkins – you might want to create a few beverages named after famous singers or hit songs;
  • Arrange a small area to place hats, sunglasses and other costume items for everyone’s use;
  • Write random song suggestions on napkins or index cards;
  • Charge your camera(s) or make sure you have extra batteries on hand
  • Purchase a Karaoke Pass just before the party – you’ll probably want to choose the 6 hour or 24 hour Karaoke Pass if you’re using Karaoke for Xbox 360 or the Shining Star Membership (48 hours) if you’re using The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE.

Holiday Karaoke Party with Xbox Live

At the party:

  • Welcome your guests. If there is someone who loves to sing, ask them to sing first to break the ice (starting the singing is the second-hardest part of any karaoke party);
  • Announce the prize categories and hand out your song suggestions;
  • Take turns being the “KJ” (karaoke jockey) to add the songs to the queue, announce the singers’ names and songs, gather applause for performances, and make sure that everyone gets a chance to sing;
  • Take photos or videos of the performers;
  • Award the prizes to winners;
  • The most important tip is to remember to have fun!
  • The hardest part of a karaoke party? Stopping! With so many great songs available, why stop?
  • Have a telephone number for a taxi company on hand, please do not let anyone drink and drive.

After the party:

  • Thank your friends for attending and send them some photos and videos from the party.
  • Please leave us comments – we’d love to hear how your party went!
  • Start planning the next party!

Happy Holidays to all!

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