Bearpit Karaoke in Berlin still going strong!

Summer vacation continues and if you are lucky enough to be traveling to Europe this year (or if you are lucky to live there) – adding a Sunday afternoon in Berlin is a must for karaoke fans.

Berlin’s Bearpit Karaoke

This is one of those things that you need to see and hear in order to believe.  Hilary Bown, travel writer, reports in this article on that the negative issues that had bothered earlier in the year Berlin’s Bearpit Karaoke have been resolved and that Sunday afternoon’s in Berlin, at the Bearpit are back to the wonderfully popular Singing happenings that they’ve become known for.

This is where the true karaoke fans are, having fun, singing and dancing their hearts out for the pure pleasure of thunderous applause from the grand stands!

Check out Sunday’s performance, featuring Megan and Andrea:

Has anyone been to Berlin’s Bearpit karaoke?  Please share your experience by leaving a comment below!

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