Goodbye Norma Jean, Remembering Marilyn, 50 years after her death

It was 50 years ago, August 5th, 1962 that Marilyn Monroe died of an overdose.  Whatever the truth of the circumstances of her death (suicide, murder, assassination), as Elton John famously wrote “Your candle burned out long before your legend ever did”.

Remembering Marilyn Monroe

50 years is a long time, but her legend lives on and many media outlets have been paying tribute to the star, including Huffington Post’s collection of Marilyn quotes about love.

To pay tribute, you don’t need to put on a platinum blonde wig and ruby red lipsticks or a halter top white dress, although you can if you want.  What you can do is sing one of these two song suggestions to remember Marilyn with us:

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend (in the style of Marilyn Monroe)

Candle in the Wind (in the style of Elton John)

We’d love to hear your version of either or both of these songs, post the link in the comments section below!  Or of course feel free to leave any comments you have about the life, career and death of Marilyn.

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