Manitoba Sings Karaoke with The KARAOKE Channel App for Mediaroom!

The KARAOKE Channel on MTS Ultimate TV launches today!  Sing karaoke today in the comfort of your own home! Thousands of songs to choose from on your TV!

Tune to Channel 61 on MTS Ultimate TV to sing karaoke today!

Tune to Channel 61 on MTS Ultimate TV to sing karaoke today!

The KARAOKE Channel on MTS Ultimate TV!

MTS is first to launch The KARAOKE Channel Mediaroom App on MTS Ultimate TV, a Microsoft Mediaroom powered IPTV platform. Designed and optimized for the world’s most deployed IPTV platform, The KARAOKE Channel app is one of the world’s first truly interactive content apps on Microsoft Mediaroom, delivering thousands of high-quality HD karaoke videos to television sets instantly via a feature-rich interface.

The KARAOKE Channel App is designed for users on the Mediaroom platform and is optimized with a streamlined interface to ensure ease-of-use, taking advantage of the interactive features Mediaroom offers, the refined navigation makes it quick and easy to browse, search and play and queue songs, in full screen mode for the full karaoke experience. With The KARAOKE Channel’s library of thousands of licensed, high-quality songs available by subscription, this app guarantees to energize family gatherings across Manitoba. Song library includes hits from every era in the style of today’s top-charting artists and yesterday’s legends, in the genres of pop, rock, country and more.

“In our efforts to maintain our position as the leading provider of karaoke services worldwide, it was a natural extension for us to develop an interactive karaoke application for Mediaroom, the widest-deployed IPTV platform. We are pleased that MTS is the first of our partners to offer The KARAOKE Channel to their customers on this platform” says Eric Boyko, President and CEO of Stingray Digital, owner of The KARAOKE Channel. “Manitobans will be the first to enjoy the most advanced karaoke experience available on TV today: HD karaoke videos displayed on large screen TVs with the catalogue, features and convenience that MTS Ultimate TV allows”.

“MTS is proud to offer this fun, innovative, and interactive service to our customers,” said Stan Kurtas, MTS Vice-President of Marketing. “The MTS Ultimate TV service has an enormous amount of entertaining and informative content, and The KARAOKE Channel adds a new – and enjoyable – element to our impressive lineup of channels and applications.”

A demo version of The KARAOKE Channel is available on MTS Ultimate TV for customers to try for free. The entire catalogue of more than 7,000 songs is available by subscription for the low price of $6.95 per month.

The KARAOKE Channel App, one of the world’s first interactive content apps on Mediaroom, is available today in Manitoba on Channel 61 on MTS Ultimate TV.

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