How to throw a great Karaoke Party!

Looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening with family and friends? Turn your living room into a karaoke party room with The KARAOKE Channel.  Here’s how to make your next party the one everyone will be talking about for years! Don’t forget to invite (or at least warn) the neighbors!

Throw a great karaoke party!

Throw a great karaoke party!

Easy Steps to hosting a Great Karaoke Party!

No matter which karaoke service you use, here are some helpful recommendations to hosting the greatest karaoke party ever!

Before the karaoke party

  1. Invite your friends: Send invitations to your friends and family. Make sure to include a few people who like to sing who will break the ice – it usually only takes one or two people to sing a song and then everyone wants to have a turn. If you’re using The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE, include a link to the song library so that your guests can browse the songs and maybe even practice if they want to before the party.  Send them this link:
  2. Invite your neighbors: If you live in close proximity to others you might want to invite your neighbors too, better that they join you than complain about you!  At least give them fair warning that they may be hearing loud singing from your house or apartment.
  3. Test your setup: If you’re using The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE you might want to move your computer to your living room or connect your computer to your TV screen test out the connections and cables a few days in advance in case you need to get a cable or two from your local electronics store.
  4. Prepare song lists:
    • If you’re using the online website, print the song list (or part of it) so that your guests can browse the print out while someone is singing (LIBRARY > Browse Songs > Printable Song List.  Since this will print the entire song list, you might want to filter the list by using the SHOW and SORT BY features.  If you have a smart phone, you could also use The KARAOKE Channel Mobile App to browse the song list (the app is available at the App Store / iTunes as well as on Google Play). You can log in to the app with your ONLINE account credentials.
    • If you’re using The KARAOKE Channel TV App on a Smart TV, or The KARAOKE Channel App for Google Chrome – the song list will be the same as the online website or the Mobile app, so you can follow the above note as well to print a list in advance or use the Mobile app during the party.
    • If you’re using The KARAOKE Channel on Demand through your TV provider, browse the songs on the channel in advance and make a list of songs you think your friends will enjoy singing
    • If you’re using songs you downloaded from the Download Store, create the list of songs that you’ve downloaded, if use  iTunes to play the MP4s or Windows Media Player to play WMVs – and create playlists so that you can easily find the videos for people to sing.
  5. Prizes: Everyone loves winning a prize. Find a few prizes to give away for the best singer, the funniest singer, the loudest singer.  Be creative with your prize categories and prizes!

The day of the karaoke party

  1. When tidying up your party room arrange the furniture to create a stage area
  2. Stock the fridge with drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and cupboards with goodies
  3. Dig through your closets and pull out a few wigs, sunglasses, scarves and hats and anything else that would make a great prop or costume
  4. If you’ve got a disco ball you’d better hang it up!
  5. Charge your camera you won’t want to miss recording the night either with pictures or video!

At the party

  1. Assign someone to act as Karaoke Jockey or take turns to make sure that there is always someone singing or music playing.  The KJ’s job is also to make sure that no one person hogs the microphone and that shy people get to sing too.  Good KJ’s know how to encourage people to sing without being pushy.
  2. Play karaoke games – pass around song suggestions with the chips – take a chip, pull a song title out of a hat and get up next to sing it
  3. Create karaoke themed drinks = be inspired by song titles and rock and pop stars.  What would you mix into a Lady GaGa cocktail?
  4. Make sure to take lots of pictures
  5. Announce prizes during the party

Tips for the Karaoke Jockey :

  • Announce each singer as they come up to sing and after they’ve sung and make sure that the audience cheers every singer on
  • If using The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE:
    • Add easy and fun songs to sing to the  favorites list, check the Top Party Songs for inspiration
    • Switch to Full Screen mode (refer to HELP > HELP CENTER > Karaoke Player for detailed information on all the features of Full Screen mode)
    • Use the Quicklist to access favorites and drag and drop songs to the Song Queue
    • Use the song queue to line up singers and add the singers name to the song they’ll sing
    • More detailed information about Party Mode at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE is available in this article

Technical tips for setting up karaoke on TV

Karaoke Parties are Fun

Remember that it’s all about having fun and enjoying each others’ company.  Try to keep a positive fun vibe going and don’t let anyone take the performances too seriously.  And although drinking alcohol can loosen people up to sing (not necessarily better), if anyone drinks too much, please don’t let them drive.

If you have pictures from a karaoke party that you’d like to share please send us links to them, or post them on our Facebook Fan Page.

If you’re using The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE and have a web cam, press record and share the link to the recording(s) in the comments!  We’d love to see and hear you sing.  Here’s a sample web cam recording from one of our after-hour get-togethers :

Post updated: May 11th, 2012


Posted by Teresa 24. November 2010 at 7:24 pm :

We may have missed a great party tip – if you have other suggestions to add, please don’t hesitate to let us know by leaving a comment!

Posted by john 24. November 2010 at 11:01 pm :

very special

Posted by tony 14. December 2011 at 5:44 am :

been hosting great karaoke parties for years. Karaoke bartender.

Posted by DjTj 24. December 2011 at 6:42 pm :

I’m having a Christmas Eve Karaoke Bash tonight!! I’ll be sure to share the pics :)

Posted by Super Size Screens 27. October 2012 at 3:55 pm :

We have huge karaoke parties with our huge outdoor movies screens and everyone has an amazing time. Most people sing along even though they don’t have the microphone. Outdoor karaoke parties are a blast under the stars. We even put music videos up on the huge screens too!

Posted by Pmo 8. February 2013 at 4:16 pm :

I’m confused how are you hooking up a microphone? TV, surround sound? USB through the computer?

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