Casting Call: “Duets” New Singing Competition on ABC

Here is another opportunity to be discovered for your great singing talent!  ABC is presenting a new singing competition this summer where you could sing with Kelly Clarkson, Lionel Richie, Robin Thicke or Jennifer Nettles!

Duets, a new singing competition on ABC TV

The premier date is yet to be announced, but now is the time for you to sign up for your chance to sing with Kelly Clarkson, Lionel Richie, Robin Thicke or Jennifer Nettles on “Duets” ABC TV’s new singing show to enter the ring of TV Singing Competitions with the likes of American Idol, X Factor, The Voice, America’s Got Talent and CW with the new Star Next Door.

Casting details are posted for Duets on ABC’s website:

If you enter the casting call, please let us know how it goes!  Good luck!


Posted by derrick cox 14. June 2012 at 9:40 pm :

Hey my name is derrick ive been singing kereokee since i was 18yrs old im 23 now ive been told by every one i need to go to nashville ive been told by people if they were rich they would pay for everything i just want to sing in front of the right person ive been let down all my life and singing is my only way out and its all i think about i live for it if anyone can help me i would greatly appreciate it i need yolu so bad whoever you are please help me

Posted by julia 23. July 2012 at 9:55 am :

hey my name is julia ive been until i was 10 years old. i really wanna become famous. i need someone to help me to become famous and live in los angles wit my boyfriend. the place i sang was in mexico in front of lots of people.

Posted by siboney 31. October 2012 at 7:03 am :

Hello , my name is siboney ive been sing since ever i knew i could actually sing, that would be since i was 13 now im 19 years old…ive been singing for my church….and i love it, becouse its one of my biggest passions. And singing would be the greatest challenge in my life and it would be the best expiriance i would not change for nothing.    Thank You So Much……:)

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