Karaoke World Champions 2011: USA’s Cassandra Mae and Lebanon’s Marc Hatem

Congratulations to Cassandra Mae of the USA and Marc Hatem of Lebanon for winning the Karaoke World Championship 2011 in Killarney, Ireland earlier this month!

Karaoke World Championships 2011

KWC USA reports that KWC USA 2011 Champion Cassandra Mae brought home the gold from The Karaoke World Championships for the USA Women and that Josh Scholl placed in the top 10 at the world event for the men.

Cassandra is from Fargo, North Dakota, is quoted as saying:

“Unbelievable. All of the love and support from everyone was crazy-ridiculous in a wonderful way. Hearing my name be called as world champion made my heart swell. It’s a feeling I’ll never forget.”

To see and hear what Cassandra Mae, the 2011 Karaoke World Champion sounds like, here is one of her outstanding performances:


Winners of Karaoke World Championship 2011

Karaoke World Champions 2011

Karaoke World Champions 2011

Congratulations to the Karaoke World Champions 2011:

1. Cassandra Jopp, USA
2. Estefania Gralla, Spain
3. Jerrica Santos, Canada
4. Lyda Shyla, Philippines
5. Viktoriia Pakhtusova, Ukraine

1. Marc Hatem, Lebanon
2. Joel Cruz, Philippines
3. Vladimir Pak, Russia
4. Riki James, New Zealand
5. Toni Laaksonen, Finland

KWC USA 2011 and Karaoke Battle USA

It was a busy and productive season for KWC USA, with the competition being the subject of the reality TV show on ABC, Karaoke Battle USA. What a great way to end the season, with Cassandra winning the top prize.

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

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