MySpace Karaoke Members, come on in!

Just like when your favorite neighborhood karaoke bar closes down, it is sad when your online karaoke service closes.  However, just like in the physical world, there is another karaoke place around the corner that can be found right around the corner waiting to welcome you with open arms.  The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE welcomes all karaoke singers to come try our online karaoke service, to sing, record and share performances online. Come on in and share your voice!

Welcome Members of MySpace Karaoke !

We all love to sing and listen to others sing. This is what makes online karaoke so much fun. It’s all about the recording, the sharing and the glowing feedback from other members on your recordings!

There are 50 free songs to sing, record and share to let you try out the system without commitment.  This month’s free songs include great hit songs and classics like:

If you’re joining us from MySpace Karaoke (ksolo), please introduce yourself with a recording! If you’d like to post a link to it in the comments that would be great, or join our facebook fan page and post a link to your recording there!

Here is an example of how much fun recording can be at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE:


Tips & Tricks for recording  songs at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE:



More information about using The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE or about Microphones, Webcams and Recording karaoke songs online visit The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE’s HELP CENTER.


Posted by Charmane 21. June 2011 at 7:35 am :

I have never had so much fun singing in my life!

Posted by Teresa 28. June 2011 at 11:07 am :

Hi Charmane! Thanks so much for joining The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE! You sing really well! Looking forward to listening to more of your recordings!

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