The KARAOKE Channel TV App Coming Soon to Large Screen TVs

The KARAOKE Channel TV App, an app that turns TV sets into high-definition karaoke machines, is being demoed at the Google I/O Conference. Designed and optimized for the large screen experience. This app will deliver 1000s of high quality karaoke videos to television sets through Internet streaming in full 1080p HD quality.

The KARAOKE Channel TV App

The KARAOKE Channel TV App In Development

The KARAOKE Channel TV App In Development

“Stingray is thrilled that Google selected The KARAOKE Channel TV App to showcase on Google TV at the Google I/O Developers Conference”, says Eric Boyko, President of Stingray Digital, owner of The KARAOKE Channel. “Being demoed at the Google Developers Conference confirms to us that adding this cutting-edge web TV app to our existing offering of karaoke products and services will add strategic value to The KARAOKE Channel and Stingray Digital.”

The KARAOKE Channel on TV App is being designed for large screen TVs and will be optimized with a streamlined interface to ensure ease of use. The refined navigation will make it quick and easy to browse, search and play songs and includes a full screen mode for the full karaoke experience.The innovative technology behind the app will instantly stream content to TVs connected to the Internet via computers, game consoles, set-top boxes or web enabled TVs, thus taking full advantage of The KARAOKE Channel’s library of 8000+ licensed, high-quality songs.

The KARAOKE Channel is known for its note-perfect, re-recorded hit songs in the style of today’s greatest artists and yesterday’s legends, from multiple genres and spanning all eras. The songs are played with original concept video backgrounds and offer an optional lead vocal guide track.

The app will offer a limited selection of complimentary songs in the style of such artists as Lady GaGa, Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift, to name only a few. The free song list is updated monthly to ensure there will always be new and popular songs for everyone to sing. The entire catalog of more than 8,000 songs will be available by subscription.

Availability and pricing to be announced in the near future.

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