Recording songs at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE!

If you like singing karaoke, why not record your karaoke performances and share them with the world wide web! Not only is it fun for you, it’s fun for everyone who gets to watch your performances. If you have an Internet connection, a microphone and webcam for even more fun, here’s how easy it is to do.

Recording Karaoke Songs Online

Follow these easy steps to sing, record and share your great karaoke performances on the web:

Setup Account

Setup Microphone and Webcam

  • Click Microphone Settings, select the microphone you want to record with and adjust the recording level by speaking into the microphone.  The level should stay in the green, it can peak to red on occasion, but should not be consistently red.  This dialog is only used to select the correct microphone and adjust the recording mic level – it should be closed when singing or recording.  Do not record with this menu open.
  • If you want to hear your voice amplified while singing or recording, you will need a mixer, like the Karaoke Kit.
  • For more information on setting up your microphone, please refer to the HELP CENTER > Microphones and Sound and Recording sections.
  • Karaoke Player Microphone Settings

    Karaoke Player Microphone Settings

  • Click Webcam Settings, select Enable webcam for singing and recording and select the Webcam you want to record with.  Note that recording with webcam uses more Internet bandwidth than recording only audio, make sure to close any other programs, software or web browsers that are connecting to the Internet, otherwise your recording may be out-of-sync.
  • Note that some songs are not licensed for recording video; if this is the case a message will appear to advise you, but you will still be able to record an audio recording of the song.
  • For more information on setting up your microphone, please refer to HELP CENTER > Recording – Webcam Settings.
  • Karaoke Player Webcam Settings

    Karaoke Player Webcam Settings

Choose a karaoke song to sing and load it into the player

  • Drag and drop a free song into the Karaoke Player. Free Membership gives you access to 50 Free Songs to sing, record and share. The 50 Free Songs are updated monthly, so you’ll always have new songs to sing.  If you have Star Membership you’ll have 1000s of songs to choose from.

Test Microphone and Webcam Settings

  • It’s a good idea to test your microphone and webcam settings before recording the full song. Click Record, then perform 10 to 15 seconds of the song, stop recording and listen to the partial recording.
  • Karaoke Player - Record

    Karaoke Player - Record

  • Adjust the mic recording level or your light setup for your webcam.  If your webcam image is black, ensure that no other software is using your webcam and that you have a good lighting setup.
  • Practice the song so that you know it well, you’ll be able to better focus on giving a great performance
  • Before pressing record it is a good idea to close any software programs or web browser windows or tabs you are not using (anything other than The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE should be closed) in order to allow the karaoke website access to as much of your Internet bandwidth and system resources as possible.

Record the full length song

  • Click Record and sing your heart out!
  • Only songs recorded completely can be made public and shared.

Edit and Share your Recording

  • After Recording the full length song, your recording will be saved and an EDIT RECORDING tab will appear in the Player Tools.
  • Karaoke Player Tools - EDIT RECORDING

    Karaoke Player Tools - EDIT RECORDING

  • Playback your recording to listen to it.
  • If you are happy with your recording and would like to share it with the world, select Shareable.
  • Recording - Sharable

    Recording - Sharable

  • If you’d like, you can add a description to your recording, by entering text in the Description Text box, then click SAVE.
  • The Sound Mixer tool allows to adjust the timing of your vocal recording if necessary. Adjust the timing by clicking – or +, click TEST to listen to the adjustment, then click SAVE to apply the new timing to your recording.
  • Refer to How To Synchronize your online recordings at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE for more details.
  • When you’re ready to share refer to How to Share your online karaoke recording on Facebook!



More information about Microphones, Webcams and Recording karaoke songs online can be found in The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE’s HELP CENTER.

We look forward to hearing your recordings!

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