How to synchronize your online karaoke recordings at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE

We all know how much fun it is to record songs at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE and that it’s not so much fun when the recording is out-of-sync.   Have no fear – it is possible to synchronize your online recordings!   Here’s how to synchronize your online karaoke recordings at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE.

Synchronize Online Recordings at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE

When you record a karaoke song at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE, your vocal performance is sent to the website and the website mixes the music track with your vocal recording (as sent from your computer).  Since there are a multitude of computer systems, sound cards, and Internet connections that vary widely, sometimes it is necessary to tweak the recording sync.

Follow these steps to correct the synchronization of your karaoke performances:

  1. Load your recording into the karaoke player by dragging and dropping it into the player.
  3. Play the recording by clicking LISTEN – this will play the recording without any adjustment applied
  4. Use the Sound Mixer tool to adjust the timing. Click “-” to move the vocal performance earlier and click the “+” to move the vocal performance later
  5. Click TEST to listen to the recording with the timing adjustment applied (you can also click LISTEN at any time to listen to the recording as it was saved without the timing adjustment)
  6. When you are happy with the adjustment click SAVE
Edit Recording - Sound mixer adjust timing

Edit Recording - Sound mixer adjust timing

If you record using the same computer setup, microphone and soundcard, the same amount of adjustment will normally be required for all of your recordings. This is why The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE remembers this setting for you and will apply it to your next recording. Of course, you can always edit the adjustment for any recording as is needed.

Low Bandwidth and System Resources

Internet bandwidth speeds are not always the same for uploading (recording) as for downloading (streaming).   You may have a very fast download speed but uploading data may not be as fast.  Your system may be the latest, but if you are running multiple programs on it, the system resources may be consumed by other programs.  For these reasons, to avoid bandwidth and system resource issues, if you are experiencing difficulty synchronizing your recordings, we strongly recommend:

  • Close any unnecessary software programs that may be running on your computer
  • Do not attempt to record your performances to other sound or video software while you are recording online at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE – the other sound or video software will consume your system resources and cause your online recordings to be out of sync.
  • Close other web browser windows or tabs
  • Turn off HD display
  • Turn off Video display (set background to none to display black background)

If the recording is out of sync because of low bandwidth, the recording may be missing information and it may not be possible to synchronize the recording.

The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE Help Center

Did you know there is a Help Center at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE with lots of helpful information about The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE? Click HELP on the main menu and then HELP CENTER. You may need to allow pop-ups in your browser to open the Help Center.

Of course if you’d like additional help using The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE, please contact us by using the Contact Us feedback form on the website.

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