Happy New Year of the Rabbit!

The air is full of furry animals these days, with yesterday being Groundhog Day and today the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit.  Let’s ring in the new Year of the Rabbit with a song!

2011 Year of the Rabbit

According to GoToHoroscope.com, 2011 is the Year of the Metal/White Rabbit:

It is not the size of this animal that makes sense for the whole year, but its inner nature. It looks like we’ve got quite sophisticated period with gracious manners and sensitivity. This 2011 year of the white Rabbit your may pin hopes on your sense of intuition. But don’t be impatient or be in harry, in 2011 year of the Rabbit without concentration you will fail.


Songs with Rabbit Lyrics

Looking through the karaoke song list at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE, we’ve found a few great songs with a lyric or two about rabbits in them.  No matter your age or music genre preference, there’s a rabbit lyric for you to sing – join us by singing along to one of these great songs:


Songs in the style of Eddie Rabbitt

While this is a bit of a stretch, we, and many karaoke singers we know absolutely love singing songs in the style of Eddie Rabbitt and this seems like a perfect occasion to celebrate the award winning country singer-songwriter, who gave us such classics as Driving My Life Away and I Love A Rainy Night.

Enjoy Tdubya’s karaoke version of Driving My Life Away in the style of Eddie Rabbitt:


Best wishes for a prosperous and lucky year of the Rabbit!

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