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Have you been wondering what we’ve been up to at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE? While we can’t disclose everything that is in the works, we would like to offer you a sneak peek at some of the exciting features that are coming soon to the online karaoke service.

Songs, songs and more songs

As you know, before we add songs to the library we need to produce and license them.  While we make every effort to add songs regularly, it is not always possible to add songs.  That said, keep reading this post for more news about duets and other special content that is coming soon. In case you haven’t checked recently, there are a few recent additions to check out, including the popular (and fun) I Kissed A Girl in the style of Katy Perry.  We’d really love to listen to your recording of this song!

Many of you have advised us that you would like the Key Change feature to be available for more songs.  We’ve been busy working on this and have started to add the key change versions of songs where they were missing.  It will take us a bit of time to generate and upload the 12 different key versions for every song in the library, but in the coming weeks, you will notice that more and more songs will have the Key Change feature available.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Key Change, it is Player Setting that allows you to raise or lower the key of the song in semi-tones.  The range that you can choose from is 6 semi-tones up or down from the original key.  Note that if there are back vocals on the track, or if you also have Lead Vocal turned on, the key of the vocal tracks is also changed.

Karaoke Player Setting - Key Change

Karaoke Player Setting - Key Change


Duet Lyric Display, sneak peek

One of the  features that we’ve been busy working on that will be available soon (and just in time for the upcoming busy karaoke party season ;o), is duet lyric display.  Here is a sneak peek at what the duet lyric display looks like and how wonderful it will be to sing with your friends at your upcoming karaoke party:

The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE Player Duet Display

Duet Lyric Display at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE

Note that this feature is not yet available online – but it is coming soon.  Keep your eyes peeled for Duets in the Browse Song section of the LIBRARY.  All you will need to do is play a duet karaoke song and the player will display the duet lyrics in separate parts for you to sing!


Special Karaoke Content

Along with duet lyric display, we are working on adding some very special content to the Song Library.  Unfortunately, we can’t share the specifics of this news at this time.  We are testing and putting the final touches on it now.  Let us say that it is very special content that we are really excited about.  We will post an announcement here on the blog when this new special content is available online.


Thank You

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your membership and participation at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE.  While some of us may sing better than others, it’s not about how well you sing, it’s about enjoying singing, finding your own voice, and sharing your voice with others.  Everyday we listen to you sing and enjoy all of your voices.

Speaking of sharing your voice, if you’d like to share your thoughts with us too, please feel free to leave a comment below or to fill out the feedback form on the website.  We take all feedback into consideration.

Thank You!


Posted by Daniel Lopez 15. December 2010 at 8:48 pm :

Is the webcam working.? I forgot how to work it?

Posted by Teresa 16. December 2010 at 11:35 am :

Hello Daniel! there was a glitch in early December that prevented recording songs using webcam, it’s been fixed. Note that licensing on some songs still doesn’t allowwebcam recordings to be made. But for most songs, you should be able to record your performances again. We can’t wait to see your video recordings – love to hear you sing!

Happy Holidays!

Posted by Jim 24. December 2010 at 10:11 am :

Any ETA on when the duets feature will arrive? Also, will it be for all songs right away or will you gradually add this to the library?

Posted by Teresa 25. December 2010 at 12:34 pm :

Hi Jim,

Duet Lyric Display is available now – duet songs can be found by clicking LIBRARY > Duets. When you play a duet the multiple parts will be displayed in the player with color coded lyric cues. The Duet songs will be added gradually, we need to prepare the lyrics in duet style for each specific song.

Happy Holidays!

Posted by Randy 15. December 2011 at 2:43 pm :

I was curious about the contests on the channel.
I have seen the same contests for almost a year now.
Where are the winners posted? And who won the Unchained Melody contest or any of the others?
Just curious.
Love the channel…… it,s my second home.

Posted by Teresa 15. December 2011 at 5:15 pm :

Hi Randy. We are evaluating how to run contests. We’ll see in 2012 how we should go about doing that. The winners are posted here on the blog. Here is the post about the winner of the Valentine’s Day contest :
Thanks for the feedback!

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