Switching Songs 2: Great Karaoke Performances of the Others’ Songs

While we’re talking about switching up boys and girls songs, of course there are some GREAT karaoke performances by members of The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE.  These are some of the examples of how great songs can be when sung by other opposite sex.  Of course we’d love to hear you cover an opposite gender song too!  If you do, please add a link to your recording in the comments section.

Girl Karaoke Songs Performed by Guys

Skeet performs Telephone in the style of Lady GaGa:


Keepplay performs …Baby One More Time in the style of Britney Spears:


Gary sings I Fall To Pieces in the style of Patsy Cline:


Boy Karaoke Songs performed by Girls:

Psychomother123 performs Mony, Mony (Live) in the style of Billy Idol


ChrissyBMe2001 sings Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) in the style of Robert Palmer


Sweetart sings For Once In My Life in the style Stevie Wonder

Your Turn!

Have you sung a song that is usually sung by the opposite sex?  We want to hear it!  Please post a link to your recording in the comments section!

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