Great karaoke songs to sing for Hallowe’en

By special request, we’ve put together a list of great songs that are available at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE to sing for hallowe’en.  We’d love you to add your song suggestions – especially if you’ll be dressing up in costume – what song will you sing this year for hallowe’en?

Throw a Karaoke Halloween Party

Throw a Karaoke Halloween Party

The KARAOKE Channel’s Hallowe’en Songs

Here is our list of songs to sing for Hallowe’en. Of course many of them will only work if you have the right costume on. Anyone thinking of dressing up like their favorite pop or rock star this year? Who would that be?

Add to Favorites List at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE

After logging into your account, click on any of the above song links. You can easily add any song at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE to your favorites by clicking on the heart icon located beside the song title. To find your favorites, click MY PROFILE > Overview > Favorite Songs. You can also access this list of favorite songs via the Side Bar QuickList in Full Screen mode.

Have a happy and safe hallowe’en!

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