Celebrity Karaoke: Jewel goes undercover

We’ve all  heard of celebrities singing karaoke, some of us have been lucky to be in the bar or at the party where it happens.  This story twists it up a bit by having the celebrity, Jewel, go undercover to sing karaoke to her own songs.  The video, produced by FunnyorDie.com, hit the internet yesterday by storm and has Jewel posing as Karen, an ordinary, fish factory worker-girl, out with her co-workers at an L.A. Karaoke Bar. Fooling the crowd disguised with a brown wig, glasses and prosthetic nose, she belted out in perfect synchronization the Jewel songs Who Will Save Your Soul and Foolish Games.  And the unsuspecting crowd loved her.

Jewel sings her own songs undercover at an L.A. Karaoke Bar

Since it was uploaded to FunnyorDie.com yesterday, the video has been viewed 748,793 times.  “Karen” gets on stage acting coyly, but from the first note out of her mouth, it was clear that this was no amateur singer, she hit every note and sang every lyric perfectly without looking at the scrolling lyrics.  The crowd, coached by the KJ, got her to sing a second karaoke song (normally  taking more than one turn in a row at a karaoke bar frowned upon).  For the second song, the crowd joined in to sing along with her.


Undercover Karaoke with Jewel from Jewel

Some comments from the crowd:

“She sounds like Jewel”

“First time there’s ever been an encore here”.

“Wow that girl’s really good, she shouldn’t be here”

“Honey it didn’t matter, with a voice like that it doesn’t matter how pretty you are, you could be an ugly girl, but with a voice like that you’ll get laid all the time”

The producers then brought Jewel back to the stage to reveal her true identity and let her sing some more.  The crowd enjoyed the performances whether it was Karen or Jewel singing.  No one appeared to be upset that they had been duped.

Although there is no question that Jewel can sing, from a karaoke fan point of view, the staged setup leaves me a little disappointed. Karaoke is fun and entertaining because it lets us amateurs live a moment in the spotlight, whether you sing well or not is not the point.  The point is to have the guts to get up and sing no matter what you sound like and have fun singing no matter what you sound like.  I really wanted to find this video funny, and think it is interesting, but I haven’t found myself laughing yet.

I ask you, what do you think, is it funny?

If FunnyorDie.com has other celebrities go undercover to sing karaoke, who do you want to see participate?

And of course, if you feel like singing a karaoke song in the style of Jewel, we’d love to hear you!


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Posted by Peter 18. July 2010 at 12:16 pm :

Josh K-sky summed up the reasons why this stunt isn’t funny in his blog posting at http://joshuamalbin.com/2010/07/a-jewel-in-the-crowd/

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