Sex in the City 2, the girls sing I Am Woman at karaoke night

Sex in the City 2 opens this week and includes the fashionable girls, Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte singing Helen Reddy’s I Am Woman at karaoke.  Sarah Jessica Parker was quoted recently as saying how much she doesn’t like singing karaoke.  To each her own, but SJP got to sing karaoke while wearing a $50,000 Chanel dress and really, how bad could that have been? 

Karaoke and Sex in the City 2

So Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t enjoy singing karaoke and didn’t enjoy filming the karaoke scene for the upcoming sequel to Sex in the City (movie).  She told The Sun :

“I find doing karaoke incredibly depressing, really and seriously.

I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because I have made my own attempts at singing professionally, but doing it involuntarily in front of a crowd of mostly drunk people is just really a bad, bad thing. I’d much rather be changing nappies – which I secretly love to do, so that’s not a very good comparison.

I’d rather be late for anything, which is a horrible feeling, than sing karaoke.”

It’s ok, karaoke isn’t for everyone and SJP is entitled to her opinion.  But at least she got to wear very fancy jeans and dress for her karaoke night out.  NYMag reports that the cost of the “costume”  that SJP wore for the karaoke scene at over $50,000.  That’s quite a budget for a karaoke outfit, even for Carrie Bradshaw, and as a percentage of the 10 million dollar wardrobe budget for the film, the cost of her Chanel dress is minimal. No mention yet of how much the shoes cost or who designed them.

Sex in the City 2, Preview

The Sex in the City 2 karaoke scene only appears in the preview for a millisecond, but enough to show that they sing in a pretty fancy karaoke “bar”, but we’ll need to wait for the film’s release to get a good view of the dress.  


I Am Woman is the karaoke classic they chose to sing and we’re looking forward to watching their complete karaoke performance, whether or not SJP enjoyed filming it or not.

Sing your own karaoke version of I Am Woman

Sex in the City 2, opens Thursday, May 27th, 2010 with some theatres offering a Wednesday screening at midnight.  But don’t let Carrie and the other girls have all the fun.  Dress up in whatever costume you want (doesn’t have to cost $50,000), turn on your webcam and make a karaoke recording of I Am Woman, in the style of Helen Reddy for yourself (well we’ll enjoy it too, so please share it with us)!

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