Glee is going GaGa

The Lady GaGa songbook and her couture style will be featured on next week’s episode of Glee (May 25th, 2010).  Glee is fun, GaGa is fun, and the combination is going to be GaGa GREAT! 

Glee goes for Lady GaGa

Here’s the preview of next week’s episode of Glee featuring the Lady GaGa songbook.  As Perez Hilton says “It looks AMAZING!”



Little Monsters make Lady GaGa fan videos

While we wait for the Glee club to show us how to perform Lady GaGa songs, we thought we’d share two Lady GaGa fan performance videos, both of which are entertaining in their own little monster fan ways. .


The boys sing Bad Romance A cappella

They didn’t get dressed up to do this, but they put on some entertaining moves, their singing is more than alright and listen – it’s all a capella. Fun!



Greyson Michael Chance, plays and sings Paparazzi

13 years old, Greyson Michael Chance, plays piano and sings Lady GaGa’s Paparazzi at a recital for his 6th grade class. He’s 13!



Create your own Lady GaGa little monster fan video

P-P-P-Please post a reply if you know of other great Lady GaGa fan videos, especially if you’ve made one! If you want to make one, and you have a webcam – head on over to The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE and record Poker Face in the style of Lady GaGa, for a limited time – it’s one of the 50 free songs offered for you to sing, record and share online.

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