Cape Cod’s American Idol Contestant, Siobhan Magnus goes home

Even with 33 million votes cast for this week’s American Idol performances, someone always has to have the fewest. And so it was last night, that the glass artist from Cape Cod, Siobhan was the Idol to go hom.  Siobhan ‘s orginality will be missed.  She was the contestant on this year’s American Idol who had us all wondering, week after week, how she would interpret her song choice, what she would be wearing and of course, how long she would hold that wailed note.

Siobhan Magnus, American Idol Contestant, performs Think

As a farewell gesture to Siobhan, here’s her performance of Think, by Aretha Franklin, which we think shows her talent best.  Comments from the judges included

  • Randy “it was dope, you slayed it, I loved it”
  • Ellen “oh man that was good, yes”
  • Kara “I can’t get over that note, I don’t know if there’s a correlation between the glass blowing and being able to hit that note”
  • Simon “You’re such a strange person, I mean that as a compliment … that note was incredible… you are interesting and very, very, talented”



And now there are 5 American Idol Contestants left on Season 9

  • Aaron Kelly, the now 17 year old from Sonestown, PA
  • Casey James, 27 years old from Fort Worth, TX
  • Crystal Bowersox, 24 years old, Elliston, OH
  • Lee Dewyze, 24 years old, Mount Prospect, IL
  • Michael Lynche, 26 years old, St. Petersburg, FL

Any predictions on which of these 5 will be this year’s American Idol?

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Posted by Poppy 30. April 2010 at 11:50 am :

Siobhan’s departure from Idol made it into an article on Billboard.

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