Fox is looking for the biggest GLEEk – is it you?

In case you haven’t heard, Fox is running a competition to find the biggest GLEEk.  What you need to do is record a video explaining why you think you are the biggest gleek and post it as a reply video on YouTube and your video might be used in a GLEE promo – make sure to follow the instructions listed

Are you the Biggest GLEEk? Favorite Video Responses

We’ve posted a few of our favorite video replies below – if your favorite isn’t listed, please link to it in the comments.  And of course if you’ve recorded a video and added it as a reply please post a link to it in the comments too – we’d love to watch it!


Xenya Gainor and Megan Shirley – rappin their GLEEk love



123456glee, wrote and sings her own tribute song to GLEE!



Baylee Frissell, scary ability to lip sync Glee dialog perfectly

and even takes a slushie in the face!



CharlieK proves his gleek love with a tattoo




Posted by Teresa 30. March 2010 at 2:25 pm :

Oprah is looking for your Glee fan videos too –
Don’t miss the cast of Glee on the Oprah Show – April 7, 2010.

Posted by Kelly 19. May 2010 at 10:31 pm :

Personally I think that Baylee’s hardcore committment to have about 12 freezing, legitimate slushies thrown in her face shows a pretty clear win. So creative and entertaining! Not to mention the hard work put into editing it! Kudos to you! You’re the #1 Gleek in my books!

Posted by Teresa 20. May 2010 at 2:11 pm :

@Kelly – we agree! Baylee’s is a Gleek ! Not only did she take the slushies in the face but she’s got incredible ability to lip-sync dialog and choreographed getting tossed in a dumpster. No doubt about it – Baylee is a Gleek!

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