I want it painted black, Siobhan Mangus delivers

It’s Rolling Stone night on American Idol tonight and with a really entertaining performance, using the stage and lighting, Siobhan Mangus rocked out her version of Paint It Black, complete with black dress and boots.

Paint it Black, The Rolling Stones

In 1966, The Rolling Stones had a No. 1 with Paint It Black, and tonight Siobhan Mangus had a hit with it too.  Starting off on the red-lit steps she added her own vocal variations to it and made it her own, not only with her voice, but also with her overall performance.  She really owned it, the stage, the song, the vocals. The only thing is, I hope she doesn’t add screaming notes to every performance, just to show that she can.


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Posted by Minerva 18. March 2010 at 8:52 pm :

I thought Siobhan’s version of “paint it Black” fit the occasion of the genre…Rock and Roll is screaming!!..and she did the song justice with the sream in it…I do not think she is going to scream every song..There are different sides to her…She plays the piano and can even come out doing a song w/piano..This is what I like about her..She is surprising…I like Crystal, but I am wondering what she is like without the guitar…I really hope Siobhan will do a Linda Ronstadt tune..and Bowersox will sing without the guitar..You know..Aaron just might get the votes from the teens and the older ones and that could put him in front like Archuleta…

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