Michael Lynche’s This Woman’s Work brings Kara DioGuiardi to tears

If you didn’t catch American Idol on Wednesday night to see the top 8 guys sing, you missed Michael Lynche’s performance of This Woman’s Work.  Not only did he receive high praise from all the judges, he brought Kara Dioguiardi to tears, and she couldn’t stop crying, as Simon said “you come out with an incredibly difficult song to sing and you 100% nailed it, not just the best perofrmanc of the night,  it’s the best performance we’ve had of all these live shows so far”.

Michael Lynche sings This Woman’s Work on American Idol Season 9



This Woman’s Work

Lynche performed the song This Woman’s Work as covered by Maxwell.  The song was written in 1988 and originally performed by Kate Bush, the British singer. 

Maxwell’s music video of This Woman’s Work



Kate Bush’s music video of  This Woman’s Work



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