Steven Tyler sings everywhere

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame has recently been heard singing a cappella at a  Home Depot Store last week after having been spotted previously in the week at a Palm Springs Karaoke bar.

Steven Tyler sings at Home Depot

According to Fuse Tv, Tyler sang Aerosmith songs Dude Looks Like a Lady and Don’t Want To Miss a Thing over the loud speakers at Home Depot.  In addition to serenading the shoppers, he graciously signed autographs.

Steven Tyler sings karaoke

Shortly before his Home Depot appearance, Tyler appeared at the Tilted Kilt pub earlier in the week.  After a karaoke singer performed a less than stellar rendition of Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing, Tyler took to the karaoke stage to show the crowd how it’s done.

Steven Tyler sings Lean on Me with a choir

Tyler is no stranger to singing in non-rock places, as this YouTube video shows Tyler singing Lean on Me in church with a choir.  Although he might not look like he fits in, his voice is great and he gives a really clean and energetic performance.


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Posted by Charlie 28. January 2010 at 10:37 pm :

yeah Guitar News gives more info about Tyler’s impromptu performance at the hardware store … pretty funny story but I really WISH I had been in the store that day .. or in the bar when he sang karaoke… but is it really karaoke if he sings his own songs?

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