Sing all the Karaoke you want, whenever and wherever you go with this new karaoke app

The KARAOKE Channel announced today the availability of a great new karaoke app for iPhone and iPod touch.  With more songs than any other karaoke app out there, with the great music tracks that The KARAOKE Channel is known for, with lyrics displayed on beautiful and entertaining videos, this is the definitive karaoke app.

The KARAOKE Channel releases Mobile Karaoke App for iPhone and iPod touch

“A karaoke app with more than 6,000 songs? That I can sing whenever, wherever I am?  That costs less than a coffee?  Now I’m never going to get any work done, and neither are my colleagues.”

-anonymous karaoke addict


Now available at the iTunes App Store, for the low introductory price of $0.99, The KARAOKE Channel Mobile (iPhone/iPod touch) lets you carry a karaoke system with you wherever you and your iPhone or iPod touch go.  50 complimentary songs are included with the app, in the style of today’s top-charting artists, such as Lady GaGa, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson and the list goes on and on.  6,000 more songs are available by purchasing an in app 30 Day subscription (for $2.99 payable through your iTunes account) or by purchasing a Star Membership at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE.  That’s a lot of karaoke to sing!

The KARAOKE Channel Mobile app - karaoke video on iPhone/iPod touch

Song lyrics on high quality videos – the best way to karaoke

Sing along as the lyrics are displayed on entertaining videos.  Listen, vote, nominate and comment on recordings from members of the ONLINE community.  If you already have an ONLINE account all you need to do is download and install the app, then log in to the app with your ONLINE account information.  Star Members from the ONLINE site have access to all songs available. 

The KARAOKE Channel Mobile App song listing

It’s easy to find karaoke songs

Songs are easy to find, browse the Featured lists by category, the Charts by genre, scroll through your Favorites or view a list of songs you’ve most recently played via History.  Of course there is a Search feature that allows you to search for songs or artists or lyrics. 

The Song Info page shows information about the song of course (year, duration, key) and allows you browse related content, like other songs in the style of the same artist and recordings of the song, but also lets you view the full lyrics for each song.  And if you like the song, you can share it with your friends by email!

The KARAOKE Channel Mobile App Song Info - Lyrics

Recording using the app on the iPhone/iPod touch is not supported in this version, but will be in a future version.

What are you waiting for? Get the app!

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