Turkey Day Survival Tip – Sing Karaoke!

Looking for something fun to do with the family while the Thanksgiving turkey is in the oven?  A great way to enjoy the holiday with friends and family, before or after dinner is to sing karaoke.  Here are a few song suggestions for you to enjoy!

Turkey Dinner with Family and Friends

Songs giving Thanks

Some of these songs are obvious choices, others are not, but all are about gratitude for something or someone.

Songs about Potatoes

Sure turkey is the main ingredient for Thanksgiving dinners, but what kind of dinner would it be without the potatoes?

Traditional Thanksgiving Songs

Here are traditional Thanksgiving songs that everyone knows.

And for those of you who need a bit of comedy with your turkey dinner, here is Adam Sandler’s original Thanksgiving Song.  This isn’t a karaoke song, but there is nothing stopping you from  singing along, in fact we encourage you to sing loudly.

Thank You

Let us take this moment to thank you, readers, members and fans of The KARAOKE Channel, Thank You for your support and passion that you share for singing with us. Thank you for your comments, and for sharing your recordings online with us. We always love listening to you sing.

Thank you!

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Posted by Peter 7. December 2009 at 1:16 am :

Thanks for the tips – we sang karaoke on Thanksgiving day and had a blast.

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