How to have fun recording online karaoke videos

Even if it takes a bit of courage to do it, singing karaoke is all about having fun.  Recording karaoke videos to share online can be fun too.

When you sing karaoke at a bar or at a party, your moment in the spotlight is fleeting, unless someone is recording you on their phone.  You sing, it’s over and you will probably be the only one who remembers your performance.

Singing and recording your performances online of course is something completely different.  You might not need the courage to actually sing, but you definitely need the courage to make your audio or video recording public, to share it with the world via the internet.  Here are a few tips to make sure your karaoke video turns out great.

How to have fun recording karaoke videos

  1. Invite a friend or two to sing with you
  2. Choose a fun song, or a song that you can have fun with
  3. Practice the song before pressing record, so that you can focus on your performance when recording it
  4. Test your lighting setup – make sure the webcam is capturing a good image
  5. Test your microphone – make sure the volume level isn’t too hot or low (it’s usually better to use a handheld microphone rather than the built-in microphone in your laptop or webcam)
  6. Put on a wig and sunglasses or any other costume that suits the song
  7. Stand up and bust a move
  8. Sing, record and share your performance – remember to laugh and have fun – if you do, so will your audience

Danthe, is an online karaoke video star, who has all the courage in the world to dress up to play the part of the song he is singing. Here is his wonderfully entertaining karaoke version of Country Boy, in the style of Little Jimmy Dickens.  The true karaoke star that he is, he has fun singing, recording and sharing his performances.


We’d love to see your online karaoke video performance!

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