Susan Boyle sings again, this time on America’s Got Talent

Susan Boyle performed a cover version of The Rolling Stone’s Wild Horses last week on America’s Got Talent.  The song will be released on her upcoming album, I Dreamed a Dream, due out in November.

Although seemingly a bit odd for song choice, Susan sings Wild Horses, in her own way, with lots of vibrato and is able to sing it for what it means to her, that she’s not going to give up.  Her performance on America’s Got Talent does the song justice, although her stage presence is still a bit awkward and reduces the overall performance of the song, she still manages to deliver the emotion required to pull it off.


Alternatively, you can listen to the studio recorded version that will be released on her upcoming debut album.  This version is thankfully missing the stage awkwardness, and shows Susan’s voice at its best.



Posted by Michael (A-Lyric) 23. September 2009 at 5:26 pm :

A “bit” odd? I’ll say. Brave? Perhaps. Whatever, she does a great job on it.

Posted by Teresa 23. September 2009 at 6:21 pm :

Hi Michael – I meant that I found the song choice Wild Horses a bit odd for Susan, not her courage to get on stage and sing! There is no question about her talent or courage! And I think she was able to give the song her own meaning, about not giving up.

Posted by BrendaS 23. September 2009 at 8:17 pm :

Well, so much for all the critics that said she was a one trick pony!
OMG, this is fabulous. She’s so versatile and full of emotion. You can just feel it.
I can’t wait to hear what else will be on her CD, and hope she’ll be singing for us for a very long time.

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