Karaoke World Championships USA 2009 – Two Winners going to Finland

In early August, KWC USA 2009 announced the 2 national champions: Rebecca Armstrong and Brian Scott, who are off to Finland in September to compete in the Karaoke World Championships.

Karaoke World Championships USA 2009 held local competitions across the country throughout the year.  The finals were held in Kings Island, Ohio over three days in early August and drew daily crowds of more than 30,000.  By day 3 the finals were under way with performances by the top 5 females and top 5 males.  The six judges had the difficult task of choosing the two winners. 


Rebecca Armstrong

From Knoxville, Tennessee, Rebecca is a mother of three and grandmother to one who has sung all her life at church.  She has participated in many singing contests and loves to bring joy to people with her singing voice.  She dreams of becoming a full time singer.  She became the female KWC USA 2009 National Champion with her performance of It’s Raining Men, and now heads to Finland to compete in September.



Brian Scott

Born in Orange County, California, Brian is the youngest of three boys, who has been singing all of his life, now makes Ruidoso, New Mexico his home where he owns a Home Decor business.  Brian is a regular singer of karaoke at Lucy’s Mexicali Restaurant in Ruidoso, where he entered the local New Mexico Karaoke Championship and won.  Singing Candle in the Wind, Brian became the male KWC USA 2009 National Champion and is off to Finland too.



KWC 2009 in Finland

The KWC 2009 World Competition, where Rebecca and Brian will compete, will be held on September 11th and 12th in Finland and will broadcast online live at www.karaokeuniverse.net.


KWC USA 2010

Details for the KWC USA 2010 Competition have been posted, and local venues can start competitions as early as September 1st as long as they are completed by May 30th, 2010.

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