“Ring Ring Goes the Bell”, Songs to sing on the way Back to School

It always seems to arrive earlier than expected, and even though back to school signifies summer is ending, it can also be a time of optimism for new opportunities. Whether you’re looking forward to school, dreading it, or even if you aren’t going back, school is something we all have in common and can relate to at this time of year.  Here is our list of 12 school songs, to help you celebrate, commiserate or reminisce about going back to school.

Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, Pink Floyd

In 1979 Pink Floyd recorded their 12th album, The Wall, a rock opera written by Roger Waters, which included Another Brick in the Wall, in 3 parts. The successful Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 opines “we don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control”, is a perfect school song for the philosophical students dreading going back to the classroom.


Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, The Ramones

Rock ‘n’ Roll High School is a song by the punk rock group the Ramones from the 1979 soundtrack album Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, for those who just wanna rock.

Hot for Teacher, Van Halen

From the 1984 album, 1984, Hot for Teacher may have been protested against by parents, it peaked at # 56 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and VH1 has named it the 36th Best Hard Rock Song of all time.

School Days, Chuck Berry

Written and recorded by Chuck Berry in 1957, #3 on Billboard’s Pop chart, School Days is likely one of the most covered rock ‘n’ roll school songs there is.  It’s been covered by Elvis Presley, AC DC and The Simpsons, to name only a few.


High School Confidential, Jerry Lee Lewis

High School Confidential, written by Jerry Lee Lewis and Ron Hargrave. Released in 1958, the song peaked at #21 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.  Don’t even try to sit still at your desk while this one is playing.

School, Nirvana

From Nirvana’s 1989 first album, Bleach, School is good for those looking for a bit of grunge in their school song and maybe even for those of us who are missing recess now.

Be True to your School, Beach Boys

Written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love and recorded by the Beach Boys in September of 1963, Be True To Your School is a classic song to sing if you love your school.


School’s Out, Alice Cooper

A popular choice for online karaoke aficionado, released on Alice Cooper’s 1972 School’s Out album, students are more likely to sing this one at the end of the school year, although those of us who aren’t in school can sing it now, since “school’s out forever”.


High School Confidential, Rough Trade

Not to be confused with Jerry Lee Lewis’ High School Confidential, this High School Confidential was a huge hit for Rough Trade in the 80s. If you’re looking for something a bit edgy this is the song for you. Rough Trade performed it in 2007 when they were inducted into the Canadian Indie Hall of Fame.


Adult Education,Hall & Oates

From Hall & Oates, 1984 compilation album Rock ‘n’ Roll Soul Part 1, Adult Education peaked at # 8 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart.   The smooth styling of Hall & Oates, give this 80s Pop high school song its charm.



Back to School, Deftones

Deftones, the alt-metal band from California recorded Back to School (Mini Maggit) in 2000.  It was released by the band’s label, Maverick Record as a single, resulting in controversy as the band did not want it released. Despite the kerfuffle, Back to School Deftones performed it on the Conan O’Brian show and the fans loved it.


Start of Something New, High School Musical

The opening song of the first High School Musical from 2006, Start of Something New exemplifies the beginning of a new school term, although maybe this is not yet a classic school song, we wanted to include something for the High School Musical fans out there.


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Posted by Pat 25. August 2009 at 11:24 pm :

these videos bring memories flooding back – I am so glad not to be in high school anymore. The Rough Trade song is so funny.

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