Michael Jackson, King of Pop has died

It shouldn’t be so hard to believe, it was going to happen some day, but the news of Michael Jackson’s death has taken the world by surprise.

He was a just a kid, the youngest member of the Jackson Five, the family group that was only the beginning for their lead vocalist, Michael.  He was a singer, dancer and entertainer, who would launch a solo career that would sky rocket beyond the Jackson Five’s success as his solo career chart-topping albums broke records and won multiple awards.

Thriller, his most successful album, spawned multiple hit singles and videos, including Billie Jean, Beat It and Thriller, is celebrated in this promo clip for the album’s 25th anniversary, with warm testimonials by Quincy Jones, Producer, MaryJ. Blige,  Beyonce Knowles and others.


International fame,  notoriety and scandal followed him throughout his career and life as a superstar. While Michael Jackson may have died today,  his music, videos, legend and influence will live on for a long time.


Posted by Jess 26. June 2009 at 10:33 am :

What an Icon .. as you said, we all knew it would happen, I wasn’t all that surprised, he wasn’t in good health, but it is still very sad, and he will be missed by all !

Posted by Jenny 26. June 2009 at 8:14 pm :

awww cry him a river. honestly it’s no loss. considering the kind of person he was.

Posted by Bluesman 28. June 2009 at 1:00 am :

Awwww cry you a river! Jenny 26
You seem to me to be a person who belives everything that you read or hear on the news.
He did Mega Tons of good with his wealth & influence. Was he a Pedafile????? know one know’s for sure so why classifiy him as one? Don’t put down, what you don’t understand.
I could go on & on but your not worth it.

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