Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Karaoke fun with Rush Limbaugh

Just when you think you can’t take another singing competition, what if there were a political karaoke contest?  Somewhat more entertaining for its comedic value than discovery of singing talent, the audience members who participated on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’s Rush Limbaugh karaoke challenge enjoyed their moment in the spotlight.

Rush Limbaugh, the conservative American radio host, who is known for his personal opinions,  was quoted in karaoke song on the stage of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week, and while I think it was kind of funny, I don’t think the gag was as funny as Jimmy Fallon hoped.  I am not one of those audience members who normally feels awkward for karaoke singers when they’re belting out their heartfelt renditions of My Way or their favorite karaoke song.  But this was different, it wasn’t really satire, nor parody, and for whatever reason I felt a bit dismayed watching the 3 contestants sing Limbaugh’s words.

The show’s band “The Root’s” provided the musical accompaniment, high quality stock video footage played on a screen behind the audience contestants as they sang the words of Rush Limbaugh famous statements, karaoke style.

Contestant No. 1 sings I Hope:

I hope he fails
If Al-Qaeda wants to demolish
the America we know and love
they better hurry
because Obama is
beating them to it
What’s good for Al-Qaeda is
good for the Democratic party
I hope he fails

Contestant No. 2 sings Sweet, Sweet, Sotomayor:

Obama is the greatest living
example of a reverse racist
and now he’s appointed one to
the U.S. Supreme Court
We are confronting a radical
assault on this nation
A radical assault today on
the U.S. Supreme Court

The microphone is handed over to Contestant No. 3 to sing I Love America:

If the population of the U.S.
was suddenly afflicted with plagues
and open sores
that would be fantastic for the Re-pub-lican party
I’m rooting for those things to happen
I still want Obama to fail
I love America!

The winner, decided by audience applause, was Contestant No.1, who won a karaoke machine for his performance.  The two other contestants left with Late Night t-shirts.

As it was, I’d prefer to see Rush Limbaugh himself singing karaoke.  Any song suggestions for him?


Posted by Gen L 23. June 2009 at 9:55 am :

The idea was good, but the audience didn’t catch on, which made it awkward and less funny then it could of been

Posted by Jenna 23. June 2009 at 9:27 pm :

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