Cardioke – a great mix of karaoke and aerobics!

Have you ever worried that a singer was going to have a heart attack because they were so out of breath after a performance? Has it happened to you, that you were so out of breath after a performance you couldn’t speak?  Billy Blanks Jr. has the answer: Cardioke!

Dancing and singing along with these videos is guaranteed to increase your ability to perform on stage with great rhythm and without losing your breath!

High Impact Cardio – Don ‘cha


Catch your breath – Dancin’ in the Streets


Cool down – You are Enough


Some of the clips are available online via YouTube, or on DVD on the musicspace website, Billy and Sharon Blanks have created fun exercise routines combining cardio-aerobics with karaoke that are sure to get you in shape for your upcoming karaoke gigs!

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Posted by Genevieve Labrecque 22. June 2009 at 9:51 am :

That looks like lots of fun!

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