Britain chooses the dancers over the singer, Diversity wins Britain’s Got Talent 2009!

5 singing acts, 4 dance acts and 1 sax player competed earlier tonight on the final of Britain’s Got Talent 2009. Up until the final, Susan Boyle was the act to beat and had the most pressure on her.   After the public vote, the top 3 were Susan Boyle, singer, Julian Smith, sax player, and Diversity, dance group.

It was the dance acts that brought the most originality and surprise to the show by performing new choreography for each of their performances.  In the end, the most votes went to Diversity, a wonderful and highly entertaining group of friends and family of various sizes and ages, who not only moved well together but seemed to connect with each other in an honest, respectful way.  Their performance was not only flawlessly executed in perfect synchronicity with the music and effects, but was also highly entertaining with little comedic moments, the red hats and buzzers was the perfect touch.


When I see them as a group not dancing, but standing on stage, I am in awe of what they achieved in their performance, they are “just” a regular happy group of boys of different ages and sizes who become one machine when they dance. The humility that they show when standing on stage, hugging and congratulating each other after a performance well done, is heartwarming and somehow inspirational.

What happened to Susan?

Susan chose to sing I Dreamed a Dream, from Les Miserables, the song she sang at the audition more than 7 weeks ago, where she surprised everyone.   Her performance of the song on the final was great, I think much better than the audition. However I think she needed to bring something new to the stage for her final performance. That said, she was able to deliver her song really well under extreme pressure.

While the singing performances were good, neither Susan nor any of the other singing acts brought anything really original or surprising to the final show.  Perhaps explaining why Susan was the only singer in the top 3.


Susan, along with many of the others who made it to the final will now have opportunities made available to them that they would not have had before being on the show.  That they didn’t win first prize shouldn’t stop them in their entertainment careers.

Any thoughts about Susan placing 2nd or her performance?


Posted by Pat 31. May 2009 at 11:45 pm :

Susan Boyle may not have won first prize but rumor has it that she has a record deal being offered to her dream to be a professional singer will still come true and there may even be a Hollywood movie made about her story. Good for her!

Posted by Genevieve Labrecque 1. June 2009 at 10:05 am :

Susan Boyle’s performance was really good, her vocals were perfect , but I really think she should of sang a new song…

I love that she is still staying very modest, and not cracking up under the pressure ..

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