Britain chooses the dancers over the singer, Diversity wins Britain’s Got Talent 2009!

5 singing acts, 4 dance acts and 1 sax player competed earlier tonight on the final of Britain’s Got Talent 2009. Up until the final, Susan Boyle was the act to beat and had the most pressure on her.   After the public vote, the top 3 were Susan Boyle, singer, Julian Smith, sax player, and Diversity, dance group.

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Hollie Steel falters but still makes it to Britain’s Got Talent 2009 final posted the story today of Hollie Steel’s meltdown on Britain’s Got Talent, live on TV during the show’s semi-final.  She begged to perform again and after a bit of consultation, Simon Cowell, authorized it.

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The Karaoke World Championships is looking for you!

The Karaoke World Championship USA is looking for karaoke singers, karaoke venues and karaoke hosts (karaoke disc jockeys) for the 2009 competition. There’s no better time than now to find a local participating venue, warm up your vocal cords and give it your best shot!  Local venue competitions are in progress and will continue until June 21st.  State, Regional and National competitions follow in June, July and August.  The World Championships will be held in Finland in September.  

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Rock out with 12 New Foo Fighter Karaoke Songs

We’ve added Foo Fighter karaoke songs to the library at The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE for you to rock out on.  Including the 2005 hit song DOA, which peaked at number 1 on Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks. Foo Fighters (a term coined in World War II for UFOs) is an American Rock band from Seattle, formed in 1995 by singer/guitarist Dave Grohl, proving that there is life after Nirvana.

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40th anniversary of John and Yoko’s Montreal Bed-In Give Peace a Chance

Married on March 20th 1969 in Gibraltar, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, travelled to Amsterdam for their honeymoon, where they held their first bed-in between March 25th and 31st, 1969 at The Amsterdam Hilton Hotel in Holland. On May 26th, 1969, John and Yoko started their 2nd bed-in for peace at The Queen Elizabeth Hotel to promote world peace.  The Montreal bed-in continued until June 2nd, with the recording of the anthemic song, Give Peace a Chance taking place in the late hours of May 31st.

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Susan Boyle sails through to the final of Britain’s Got Talent 2009

After weeks of auditions, the first semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent was held today. Only two of the eight acts from each semi-final show will make it through to the final.  The semi-finalist with the most public votes after each show automatically goes to the final.  The judges will choose which one of the acts with the 2nd and 3rd highest number of public votes will also go to the final. Results are compiled quickly and the answer is in: Susan Boyle receives the most public votes and sails through to the final of Britain’s Got Talent 2009.

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10 Superstar Singers and the Crappy Jobs They Used to Have

Making a living doing what you love is one of the most gratifying but often most elusive accomplishments. When you can rest your head at night knowing that you’ve spent your day exhausting your skills and talents pursuing worthwhile goals and dreams, and while doing so you’re able to bring home the delicious bacon, you’ll know you’ve “made it.” One problem with chasing your dreams, however, especially when they involve artistic expression, is that the process generally involves serving chicken wings or packing turnips into paper bags. Read more »

Welcome Members of The SIMS ON STAGE

Since the announcement of the closing of  The SIMS ON STAGE at the end of March, we’ve been happy to welcome SIMS ON STAGE Members to The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE. They’ve easily stepped into the community and have delighted us with their fantastic performances and comments!

If you haven’t joined us yet, signing up for Free Membership will give you access to more than 350 free full length song that you can sing, record and share!  The free songs are refreshed on a monthly basis. Or sign up for the Superstar Membership and take advantage of the special offer of $30.00 off! This means that you can purchase the Superstar Membership, including a Free Karaoke Kit, and gain unlimited access to thousands of hit songs for one year* for only US $69.95! 

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Kris Allen is crowned American Idol 2009

Kris Allen says “Adam deserves this”…  Simon says “what?” … but not in that order …

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The voting begins, will the 2009 American Idol be Adam or Kris?

This is it, the night Adam Lambert, the glam rocker as Ryan Seacrest puts it, the crying baby destined to be a singer as Adam’s family says, competes against Kris Allen, the acoustic rocker, the kid who was paid quarters to by his family to sing, for the American Idol 2009 crown.

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