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Rock Star Inspired Halloween Costumes

There is nothing more fun than dressing up for a Halloween Party!
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How to throw the BEST Halloween Karaoke Party!

1. Invite your least shy friends (warn your neighbors or invite them too) and encourage them to dress up as their favorite musical artist (dead or alive of course)

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5 Things you can do to improve your singing voice

Whether you’re singing Happy Birthday to someone at the office or singing along with the radio in your car, it never hurts to try to sound a bit better. Here are five easy-to-learn tips to improve your singing today. Read more »


Karaoke Etiquette!

Karaoke is loads of fun! However, there are a few unspoken rules to follow to make sure that everyone has great time at a karaoke bar or party! Check them out below! Read more »

Essential Party Tips for Holiday Karaoke Fun!

It’s the time of the season for gathering together with friends and family and there is no better entertainment to be had than an evening filled with karaoke! Here are a few tips to make your holiday karaoke party the best ever!
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Verizon FiOS is having a karaoke party and it’s free until August 27th!

Invite your friends and warn the neighbors! If you’ve got Verizon FiOS you’ve got a karaoke party waiting to happen!

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How to throw a great Karaoke Party!

Looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening with family and friends? Turn your living room into a karaoke party room with The KARAOKE Channel.  Here’s how to make your next party the one everyone will be talking about for years! Don’t forget to invite (or at least warn) the neighbors!

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The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE - Party Mode!

As the holiday season approaches, we know that many of you will be hosting parties.  We’d like to offer a few tips and tricks on using The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE to make your party the best it can be!  Time to get into karaoke party mode!

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Happy Thanksgiving! Enliven your family gatherings with a karaoke sing-along!

Looking for something fun to do with the family while the Thanksgiving turkey is in the oven?  A great way to enjoy the holiday with friends and family, before or after dinner is to sing karaoke!

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Trick or Treat? It’s Karaoke Party Time!

Hallowe’en is a great time of year to host or attend a karaoke costume party! Dress up as your favorite Rock or Pop celebrity and belt out the songs with the confidence that a disguise gives you!  Let The KARAOKE Channel provide the songs to sing, no matter what platform or device you choose to play music.   Who will you be dressing up as this hallowe’en?

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